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Social Net-not-working

Earlier this year I discovered an entertaining Thailand-based social networking website. I rarely bother with anything remotely related to social networking — preferring to read a book or clip my toenails rather than “chatting” with other people — but this site enables me to lurk without having to interact with anyone, plus I find it highly amusing.


Like most such sites, people on this one post their photo, along with whatever personal information or other things they want to share with others. I love music, but people who post song lyrics in an attempt to convey their personal feelings are best to be avoided! Some people are looking for friends, a “long term relationship,” or perhaps, uh, something more carnal in nature. This particular site is comprised almost entirely of young Thais, most of whom write their profile in Thai. But some of the more enterprising ones (or rather, the ones who are looking to hook a Westerner) use English. But more than a few of those folks don’t quite have the best grasp on how to use the language properly. I know, I shouldn’t poke fun at people who are writing in a language that is not their native one. Hell, English is an extremely difficult language to master, compounded with crazy rules and inconsistent ways of pronunciation. It takes a lot of work, and I admire anyone who attempts to learn the language. That said, some of the stuff I found on this website goes beyond simple grammar mistakes and transcends the bizarre. Below are a few examples that I found during a brief surfing session last night. I suspect that if I spent more time surfing the site I would uncover a treasure chest of goodies, but I don’t have the patience or stamina for such online endurance, so this will have to suffice for now. All of these statements are copied directly from the website with absolutely no changes or edits from me. Enjoy!


I want someone to love me true. And beside me, and that in any architectural situation.


Nice to meet you. Although it looks like I do. Both negative and positive aspects. But I argue with myself. Who has not suffered.


I am a ladyboy. Dressed as women. It is quite long. And now me. My foreign friends talk to each other.


To find the right person for us. It is difficult to understand. When we met the right person for us. He was called to work Friday.


I want my friends who could talk was all about.


I say. Families are not what I find to take care of a Thai or a foreigner. Thanks.


Discussion Forum met with joy and love is concerned, I met several times throughout my visit.


hello how are you bling bling


I want to love … but without the love, not casual.


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