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Before the classes start each morning at Tat Ein’s primary school, near Nyaungshwe in Shan State, the students can found outside playing games. For the boys it might by football, some form of dodge ball, or even marbles. Most of the girls, however, stick to badminton, hand-clapping games, or jumping rope.



After their lunch break, before afternoon classes commence at one o’clock, the kids are playing games again. It’s refreshing to see the children outside and having fun, moving around and jumping around, and screaming for joy. I think it’s healthy — both physically and mentally. It sure beats observing a bunch of kids huddled over a smart phone, mesmerized by digital images and poking their finger on a screen. Alas, I fear that day will be coming to Myanmar very soon too. But for now, at least in this Shan State village, the kids know how to make their own fun.




During this last trip, jumping rope seemed to be the game of choice, not only for the girls but for a few boys too. It’s a good thing that the weather cooperated during the week I visited and there were no rainstorms, or those ensuing troublesome patches of mud. Thus, it was good clean fun in every aspect.







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