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Mandalay Morning

msnack2While riding around Mandalay yesterday, I was particularly struck by one scene I observed; a group pink-robed nuns were crossing the street, passing another group of women, a Muslim trio clothed in traditional black garments. I wish I had my camera ready for a shot, but alas it’s an image I can only preserve in my mind.


In the wake of last month’s so-called sectarian violence in the city, I have yet to see any signs of animosity or tension. The curfew has been lifted and people are going about their normal daily activities. I hope this peaceful vibe remains.  Meanwhile, while in Mandalay this week I’m doing the usual: riding my bike around town and trying not to get hit by passing cars and motorbikes (not to mention other cyclists, pedestrians, and the occasional farm animal), visiting friends on 90th Street, going to teashops, and dining at the always fabulous Aye Myit Tar restaurant.mawbridge1

Getting some rain this morning, which may help to alleviate the intense heat we’ve had all week.  I’m going to Bagan on Thursday for a few days and then off for a short stay in Shan State before returning to Mandalay next week. Lots of bag-packing and traveling, but I’m looking forward to the experiences that await


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