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I always take the window seat. Peering out the window, sometimes even pressing my nose against the surface, I scan the horizon as the airplane ascends, marveling at the panoramic scenery that unfolds before me. It’s a simple pleasure that always delights. When I look out that window, I’m a child all over again, taking my first flight. Oh, the wonder!


In the past week or so there have been several air tragedies around the world, resulting in hundreds of deaths and injuries. Most notably, there was the horrific shooting down of the Malaysia Airlines plane over Ukraine. I wrote about this already, but I remain steadfast in my support of Malaysia Airlines. Being the victim of not one but two very bizarre air tragedies is just freakishly unlucky. Despite the multiple accidents lately, and whatever you want to call the Ukraine incident, I still feel safe flying and will continue to take flights with Malaysia Airlines. And I’ll also fly with Air Bagan, Mandalay Air, Bangkok Airways, or any other of the many regional airlines. I’ve flown them all before and have never felt my safety was compromised.


The airline industry always boasts about how safe flying is, and I’m still a believer. Hell, it’s easier to get killed just walking across the street or driving a car. Earlier today I talked to a longtime customer on the phone. He couldn’t come to the shop and buy books because he got hit by a car and broke his leg last week. Well, that’s a good excuse for coming to the shop in person! So he asked me to pick out some books for his wife to pick up later. I wished him a speedy recovery, but marveled that he got hit by a car and not a motorcycle. The motor bikes love to drive — and drive fast — on the sidewalks and pavements of Bangkok, and I’ve heard more than a handful of horror stories about pedestrians being knocked down and injured by rampant motos. So, putting it all in perspective, when considering air travel, I don’t even give it a second thought. I feel perfectly safe.


From my beloved window seat, here are a few photos that I took last month as my Malaysia Airlines flight was flying over the scenic coast of Malaysia.




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