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Monastery Moments


I was pondering a variety of subjects to write about this week, but nothing really clicked. I considered writing about a customer at my shop who passed away this week; the mysterious fate of that Malaysian Airlines flight (and I’ve flown with that airline several times, making this an even more compelling drama for me); the impromptu concert in my apartment (most likely I will write about that, but not yet!); or then there were the Christian missionaries that I not so politely asked to leave my shop last week.



But in the end, the monks won again! Yes, when all else fails, I can post photos of those charming novice monks from Myanmar and all feels right with the world once again. If nothing else, seeing the photos that I’ve taken of these monks always brings a smile to my face. And actually I’ve been looking at some of these photos a lot lately: Last week I went and had prints made of the shots that I took of the novice monks at Tat Ein village in Shan State last year, and I’ll be taking those prints to give to the monks when I visit later this month. And of course that will prompt a whole new series of photos. I can’t wait!














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