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Okay, it’s an unlikely pairing; the funk and soul sounds of the Isley Brothers, and the sweet smiles and infectious laughter of the novice monks at Tat Ein village in Myanmar’s Shan State, and yet it felt like the perfect combination for today’s post!


I was walking home tonight, playing a vintage Isley Brothers “hits” compilation on my MP3 player, walking in step to great tunes like “That Lady” and “Harvest For the World”, all of it putting me in buoyant mood. I passed by the motorcycle taxi stand near my apartment and there was my friend Noy strumming an acoustic guitar, stopping only to wave a greeting as I passed by. Good vibes all night.


Once I arrived home, I was sorting through some of my unposted photos from last year’s trips and I stumbled upon these photos from the Tat Ein monastery, all taken by Htun Lay, one of novice monks in residence (except for the group shot where he is standing to the right of the tall geeky foreigner). Seeing those smiles brought back great memories, and it reminded me that I need to make some prints of these photos to take to the monks when I return later this year. Those kids certainly do love having photos of themselves as keepsakes. A “Harvest for the World” of a different sort!




Here are the rest of the photos that Htun Lay took with my camera last year. Enjoy!














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