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Smiles for a Rainy Night

It’s a very wet night here in Bangkok. The storm that the weatherman warned us about has indeed arrived, and with force. Shortly before eight o’clock, a hard rain came blowing in and quickly flooded the streets and sois of my area on Sukhumvit Road. I walked all the way home, rather than opting for a taxi (if you could find one) and getting stuck in traffic, or hopping on a motorcycle taxi (if you could find one) and getting soaked to the bone. Even with my raincoat and umbrella, I was still pretty damn damp when I arrived home about an hour ago. I’m now trying to dry my shoes and trousers with the aid of my arsenal of fans. With any luck, they’ll be dry by morning … just in time for more rain!


I had a few different ideas in mind for posts today, but nothing ever took shape and seemed ready. Plus, I was up to my neck looking at book arrivals all day and my mind was more preoccupied with things like Mystery and Romance. So, I’m going to take the easy way out and just post some photos from my last trip to Myanmar. Nothing but smiles on this rainy night. Hmm …. I feel an Eddie Rabbit song about to strike!




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