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I’m back. Perhaps only temporarily, but back among the living bloggers once again. My last post was back in April, and since then I’ve been feeling burned out, uninspired, and overworked. In no mood whatsoever, to write or post anything on this site. 

I just returned from a 16-day trip to Myanmar, however, and if there is anything to get my blogging juices flowing, it’s being around the inspirational people of Myanmar. Needless to say, I’ve got oodles of photos to post and more than a few stories to tell. But that barrage may not start for a few more days. Since I returned to Bangkok on Friday, I’ve been overwhelmed by work. Once again, my lazy-ass employees did their best to do as little work as possible, while managing to screw up my bookshop. I’ve spent the past four days trying to correct mistakes, change the neglected wall and window displays, update the shop’s website, marvel at some of the crap they took in trade, and try (and ultimately failing) to keep my cool. It didn’t help that the downstairs air conditioner expired yesterday or that our new and improved book management computer software is slower and more prone to glitches than the previous version. Sigh. So yeah, it may be a few more days — and hopefully not weeks —until I post something. Thanks for your patience and words of encouragement.

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