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Village Remembrance

I received an e-mail yesterday that brought a really big smile to my face. It was from Kazuko, a friend from Japan, who just returned from a visit to Myanmar. I met her last year at the anniversary ceremony for the primary school in Shan State’s Tat Ein village. Kazuko, nicknamed “Ma Zabei” by the villagers, makes visits there several times each year, and is one of the school’s most generous donors. I ran into her again when I was in Tat Ein in November and enjoyed speaking with her. Our conversation ends up being a mixture of Burmese and English, a delightful but sometimes challenging combination.


Prior to Kazuko’s trip in late January, I e-mailed her some images of photos I had taken in November and asked if she could make prints and give them to two of the teachers at the school. There is no photo shop in the Nyaungshwe area (the closest one is in Taunggyi, nearly an hour’s drive away), so Kazuko made the prints in Japan before she left. While at the school in Tat Ein this time, Kazuko took some photos of her own and attached a few of those to the e-mail she sent me. Thank you! I look forward to seeing the whole Tat Ein bunch — and maybe Kazuko too, if our schedules overlap — when I return later this summer.


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