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Youth of Today

I was doing some serious flip-flopping earlier today. I wanted to post something before I left for the airport early tomorrow morning (Where? You’ll have to wait for that one!). Should I write about some of the bizarre books that have passed through my shop this week? Maybe a rant about the deluded outspoken Christian athletes who are making the news lately (sorry dude, Jesus didn’t help you make that touchdown pass/three-point shot; the fact that you practiced a lot was the key!)? Or a tribute to more recently deceased musicians? Or perhaps something about the disturbing trend of the police stopping pedestrians and making random bag searches here in Bangkok? Ah, I don’t have the energy for anything that deep right now. So it’s time more photos from my last trip to Myanmar. And hey, this is the last of the bunch. At least for now. Enjoy the smiles from these delightful children. They ARE the future.



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