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Fragments from the Road

Here are some photographic fragments; odds and ends from my recent trip to Myanmar:

Morning fishing at a canal in Nyaungshwe.

At the teashop on 90th Street, Khin Nwe Lwin demonstrates a traffic signaling program she designed for her master’s thesis at university.

High-class transportation in Mandalay.

Villagers on their way to the morning market in Nyaungshwe.

Bamboo balancing act at a building in Mandalay.

Mo Htet Aung and Mo Gyi in Mandalay.

Backpacking monks near Zeigyo market in Mandalay.

Gaw Soe and his infant son in New Bagan.

My regular fruit seller at the market in Nyaungshwe.

A “nat” tree ornament in Yangon.

Teachers and students at a rural school near Nyaungshwe.

Newspaper seller and waiter at Minthiha teashop in Mandalay.

A novice monk chops wood at Shwe Yan Pyay monastery in Nyaungshwe.

It’s mango season in Mandalay!

Ma Pu Su and her daughter in Nyaungshwe.

Young waiters at a teashop near the railway station in Mandalay.

Myatt Swe Oo in Bagan appears to a man of many talents!

Two university students at Yankin Hill near Mandalay.

Trishaw driver taking a nap in Mandalay.

Bike shop in Mandalay.

Students take a badminton break at a rural school near Nyaungshwe.

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